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The importance of replacing skylights at inepro for more daylight

Daylight is an essential element in any workspace. It not only affects employees’ productivity, but also their well-being and satisfaction. At inepro, we understand this like no other. Recently, we chose to replace our skylights to let in more daylight.

In this blog, we will discuss the reasons behind this decision and the benefits of more daylight in the working environment. We will also compare the specifications of the new type of skylights with the old variants.

Improving productivity and performance

One of the most obvious benefits of more daylight in the workspace is the improvement of employee productivity and performance. Research has shown that employees exposed to natural light during their working hours are more alert, concentrate better and suffer less fatigue. This translates into higher productivity and efficiency.

Cost savings

Besides improving productivity, the new skylights also leads to cost savings. By letting in more daylight, we can reduce the need for artificial lighting at inepro. This means not only lower energy costs but also a reduced carbon footprint. Which fits in perfectly with our commitment to corporate social responsibility.

The insulation value is indicated in skylights in ‘K-value’ the old skylights had a K-value of 2.5 watts/m2K. The new skylights are 1.2 watts/m2K. The lower the number, the better the insulation value. With the replacement, inepro improved its skylights by 52% compared to the old skylights.

Improved aesthetics and working environment

Besides the functional benefits, more daylight also improves the aesthetics of the working environment. A well-lit space looks more spacious and attractive. It creates a positive impression on both employees and customers visiting the company. This is something inepro is happy to commit to.