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inepro Metering

Since 1992, inepro Metering produces and distributes high-quality, certified electricity meters, and accessories. Innovation is in our DNA. Throughout the years we kept improving and expanding our products to meet the latest needs in the market. By now, we offer an extensive range of different meters that combine our expertise, experience, and the most innovative features. All with one goal in mind: making our clients work as efficiently and productive as possible, so that they’re able to shift focus to what matters most: their own ambitions. We make sure we meet your expectations. We guarantee true added value. This is how we grew out to be one of the leading manufacturers on the international metering market.

Green innovation

Besides offering meters that will save you time and money, and are ideal to use for new ways of energy generation, we take our responsibility for creating a sustainable future within our company. If you’ve visited our Head Office you know: it’s full of green innovations. We’ve got a specially designed, and highly efficient heating and cooling system that stores heat in the summer to use during the cold months. Just one example of how we made our building completely CO2-neutral. Good for our business, great for the environment.
We also take care of our employees. Our flexible, centralized LED lighting system creates the most comfortable ambiance for them to work in. Furthermore, our Head Office exists mostly out of glass walls, as many as possible. Open, light, and ensuring our employees are always in direct contact with each other. We believe mutual communication is key. 

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