A plug & play solution for mobile energy users. 

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Single phase

The PRO-Flex series is a range of single phase 16A energy meters consisting of 4 different types, each with their specific characteristics.



The PRO1 meters inside the PRO-Flex comply with the Measuring Instruments Directive 2014/32/EU. The MID approval ensures the accuracy and quality of the meter and enables its use in billing purposes. 

Energy measurement

The PRO-Flex is a practical and simple solution that allows you to measure the energy consumption of mobile energy users. The PRO1 meter inside the PRO-Flex has an accuracy class of 1/B for active energy measurement.

Mobile solution

The PRO-Flex can easily be carried to different locations, so there is no need to build a complete and costly infrastructure per location. 

Instantaneous values

PRO-Flex meters are able show a number of instantaneous variables like voltage, current, active power, reactive power, apparent power, frequency and power factor. 

Easy connection

The PRO-Flex is available with Schuko or CEE16 plug for easy connection. The standard cable length of the 1,5mm² H07RN-F cable is 50cm on both sides.


Meter types

Single phase - 16A - MID

PRO-Flex Schuko

Single phase – 16A – MID
Single phase - 16A - MID


Single phase – 16A – MID