Ambition range

Our newest innovation: a certified & efficient high-end smart meter range. 


Easy installation and maintenance

The integrated WAGO Push-in CAGE CLAMP® makes for easy and quick installation. No tools are required. The advanced Bluetooth® interface connecting to the mobile application enables convenient programming and configuration.


The Ambition energy meters comply with the Measuring Instruments Directive 2014/32/EU. The MID approval ensures the accuracy and quality of the meter and enables its use in billing purposes. 

Innovative communication

The inepro Meter Manager mobile application facilitates remote insight into values per phase, or total. Furthermore, data can also be collected via the M-bus, Modbus, S0 interface, and UART port.

Energy measurement

The Ambition energy meters have an exceptional combination of a high accuracy class (1/B) for active energy measurement and a broad temperature range.

Instantaneous values

The Ambition meters display a number of instantaneous variables like voltage, current, active power, reactive power, apparent power, frequency and power factor on the LCD and via the different communication options.

Large dot-matrix display

The Ambition range meters are produced with a transparent casing, large displays, and a customizable UI. All for an improved structure.


Meter types

Transfer data over networks

TCP/IP module

Transfer data over networks
2TE, resettable CT ratio, MID


2TE, resettable CT ratio, MID
3 phase - 65A - S connection


3 phase – 65A – S connection
3 phase - 65A - U connection


3 phase – 65A – U connection
DC meter


DC meter