‘Economising’ as a bright spot in the workplace

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In the ongoing quest for sustainability and energy efficiency, more and more companies are opting for eco-friendly solutions. An excellent example of this is inepro BV, where the decision was recently taken to replace the existing lighting system in the workshop with LED lighting. This strategic move not only has a positive impact on energy bills, but also contributes to a reduced ecological footprint.

A smart investment

The switch to LED lighting in inepro BV’s workshop is not only a step towards sustainability, but also a smart investment. LED lights have significantly lower operating costs than traditional lighting systems, and although the initial investment is slightly higher, this is quickly offset by the longer lifespan and energy savings.

The new LED lighting system at inepro BV results in annual savings of as much as 9,812 kilowatt hours. This reduction in energy consumption translates directly into lower costs on the company’s energy bill. But the benefits extend beyond financial savings alone.

CO2 reduction in practice

One of the most striking environmental benefits of switching to LED lighting is the significant reduction in CO2 emissions. Annually, inepro BV now emits 5,887 kilograms less CO2 thanks to energy savings from the use of improved LED lamps. This is equivalent to the emissions from about 38,227 kilometres driven in an average car per year.


inepro BV is taking an important step towards sustainability and energy efficiency by replacing the lighting system in the workshop. The significant savings in energy costs, the reduced CO2 emissions and the positive impact on the working environment show that sustainability and business success can go hand in hand.

This move by inepro BV is not only an example for other companies, but also an inspiration for further sustainable initiatives within the industry. It proves that with thoughtful choices and investments, a positive impact on both the environment and business results can be realised. inepro BV demonstrates that the road to a more sustainable future starts with small, but purposeful steps.