The smallest MID approved 3 phase meter

inepro metering smallest 3 phase MID meterGet to know our new PRO380-Compact

The PRO380-Compact enters the market with modest dimensions and opens doors to many applications. Integration into small spaces such as charging stations, lampposts and more is achieved effortlessly. This is particularly valuable in urban environments, for example, where space is often limited. The PRO380-Compact fits into any space without compromising on performance!




  • Size: 12×6.5x2cm
  • Imax 45A
  • -40° C / +70° C
  • 3 tariff
  • 3 phase (1 phase connection also certified)
  • 230/400V AC
  • Modbus RTU
  • JST connector
  • Accuracy class B
  • Total energy = forward + reverse
  • Transparent housing
  • MID certified EN50470-1/3


Smallest MID approved 3 phase energy meter


Visit downloads for the PRO380-Compact user manual.


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