STD layout


STD layout

Our story

Since 1992 Inepro has been a manufacturer of high quality electricity meters that are distributed under the brandname Inepro Metering. With an extensive range of top quality certified (MID, KEMA, NMI, SGS, CMi) electricity meters, Inepro Metering is one of the fastest growing metering manufacturers in the market today. Top quality, a strong business focus, expertise and very competitive pricing makes Inepro Metering stand out from its competition.

Inepro Metering is part of the Inepro Group, which develops and manufactures solutions to help its customers increase efficienty in order to be able to fully focus on fulfilling their ambitions.

Green innovation

With an eye to the future, Inepro holds green innovations to the heart. Using our products and solutions not only saves our customers time and money, they also contribute to a better environment and a greener planet.

Our Head Office is also designed using the latest green innovations. In this way and partly thanks to earth heat and CCA (core concrete activation, an annual saving of 40% is made and the building is certified to be completely CO2-neutral.  
The specially designed and highly efficient cooling and heating systems ensures an optimum work climate that stores heat in the summer to dispense it during the winter. The flexible, centralised LED lighting system creates a very comfortable ambiance in which to work. Because we believe mutual communication is extremely important, as many of the walls as possible in the building are made of glass. In this way, everyone is always in direct contact with everyone else, and the building feels very open.

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STD layout

Smart energy meters

The PRO line smart energy meters have been established
in 2009. With this line Inepro delivers high quality energy
meters for the top segment of the metering market. The
meters are MID approved, hence these can be used for
invoicing purposes. The 10 models of single and three
phase smart energy meters are equipped with optional,
2-tariff, Modbus or M-bus communication. A PRO Smart
meter is the analyzer on a din rail.

The meter has a fresh and transparent Dutch design. The
distinct red covers signify our passion to develop the best
metering solutions. The newly developed meters show
more than 30/60 variables (depending on the meter) in
the LCD display. The meters can be easily read out via an
infrared eye.

Inepro spend numerous years to develop these high
quality smart energy meters with the highest functionality
while maintaining the best price-quality ratio.