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The Inepro PRO series are very suitable for the photo voltaic installation. Beside 40+ registers to read out the PRO series register the energy direction in 5 modes:

1) forward

2) reverse

3) forward +/+ reverse

4) forward -/- reverse and

5) reverse -/- forward.

This information is available on display, via M-bus or Modbus.

The PRO series consist of 10 models single phase, three phase direct connection and three phase CT.

All models are availlable in MID and non MID version. 


Car Charging

In car charging it is nessecary to monitor the usage exactly. The PRO series are MID certified an therefore approved and reliable. The PRO series offer various modes of communication like:

  • Selectable S0 output
  • M-Bus
  • Modbus.

Combined with a concentrator or multiplexor it is possible to send the information via internet, RF or any other protocol to a back office system. Inepro Metering has solid experience in this market and able to act as your advisor to investigate the best solution.