Introducing our new DC Meter

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Within a year of launching the smallest 3-phase, direct connected MID PRO380-Compact meter and the TCP/IP module, inepro Metering adds another innovative product to its portfolio. This development is in response to the growing trend of sustainable energy sources such as solar panels and applications like electric vehicles. Unlike traditional meters, which focus on alternating current, the new Ambition 4PU-DC-Mod Meter accurately measures direct current. Whether it’s data centres, telecommunications, laboratory equipment, or medical devices, inepro’s MID-certified DC meter ensures energy consumption accuracy, stability, and safety.

DC meter, response to current needs

The development of the new Ambition 4PU-DC-Mod is a response to the increasing adoption of sustainable energy sources and electric vehicles, energy-efficient lighting systems, renewable energy installations and more. These devices use direct current (DC) instead of the alternating current (AC) traditionally supplied by the electricity grid. Think of solar panels, for example. These generate direct current, which is used directly to charge electric vehicles. It is making the process more efficient, faster, and cheaper, eliminating the need for conversion to alternating current. The Ambition DC meter can accurately measure the amount of direct current generated, stored, or consumed, which is essential for efficient energy management and balancing supply and demand on the energy grid.

One of the first MID-certified DC meters

The Ambition 4PU-DC-Mod marks a significant milestone as one of the first MID-certified DC meters on the market. The MID certification confirms the reliability and precision of the DC meter. It emphasises the commitment to delivering high-quality products that comply with the strictest European standards and regulations. MID certification also enables the meter to be used for official billing processes.

More accessible to a broader range of customers due to pricing

The initial costs for purchasing DC meters can be significant, especially considering the specific requirements and advanced technology involved. However, inepro Metering is committed to providing high-quality metering solutions at competitive prices. This strategy reduces barriers to installation and integration, allowing more businesses and organisations to benefit from the advantages of accurate energy measurement in direct current environments, opening the door to more efficiency and control over energy consumption and contributing to long-term cost savings and sustainability.

Powerful features and benefits of the Ambition 4PU-DC-Mod meter

  • Specifically designed for direct current measurement.
  • With a voltage range of up to 1000 Volts, it offers a higher maximum voltage than most other meters, making it suitable for various applications.
  • Integrating the shunt and the DC meter in one certified device simplifies the certification process. This means manufacturers do not have to worry about separate certifications for each component, saving time and costs.
  • The built-in 230 Volt power supply eliminates the need for a separate power unit, making installation easier.
  • Accurate measurements for billing by MID standards.
  • Simple tool-free installation with WAGO Push-in CAGE CLAMPS® & DIN rail mounting

inepro Metering continuously strives to provide customers with advanced solutions that meet the evolving needs of an ever-changing energy landscape. The introduction of the Ambition 4PU-DC-Mod meter directly responds to the growing trend of sustainable energy sources.

Experience the benefits and open your world full of possibilities with inepro Metering and the Ambition 4PU-DC-Mod.

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